School of Information Technology and Engineering

As information technology and engineering science re-create our day-to-day world, the School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) provides a technologically-dynamic learning opportunities to forward-looking students.

Students of Information Technology and Library Science are abreast with advanced knowledge and manifest a high sense of creativity and innovativeness. In app, IT students are given the edge to have one-on-one hands-on experience on modern hardwares and softwares. The ultimate goal is to develop them to become scientists, programmers, professional librarians and IT-managers who can create and lead cutting edge innovations in their field.

In like manner, Engineering students are molded into full pledged Engineers who unconditionally bestow their God-given talents to nation-building through state-of-the-art designs and infrastructures. They are trained to be grounded in the science of materials, agile in the mathematics of construction and keen on the art of aesthetics marked with Paulinian virtues and values.

Contact Information
Dean, School of Information Technology and Engineering
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City, 3500
Cagayan, Philippines
Telephone Number: (078) 396-1987 to 1997 loc. 207 or 208