app Internationalization Framework

Keeping its Catholic identity even in the pursuit of internationalization of education in the university, app (app) anchors its activities on its Vision statement that is: app is an internationally recognized institution dedicated to the formation of competent leaders and responsible citizens of their communities, country and the world. And to attain this vision, app’s Mission Statement that is: Animated by the gospel and guided by the teachings of the Church, it helps to uplift the quality of life and to effect social transformation through: 1) Quality, Catholic, Paulinian formation, academic excellence, research, and community services; 2) Optimum access to Paulinian education and service in an atmosphere of compassionate caring; and 3) responsive and innovative management processes where the university is open to accept students and collaborators from various countries and religious affiliations as it also commissions itself to employ various modes of delivery of instruction to make its academic programs accessible to both Filipinos and foreigners as it is for the improvement of the university’s management system.

The core values of Paulinian education play an important role in the transformation of the university into an internationalized educational institution while keeping its Catholic identity such that Christ-centeredness comesin the form of Articulation of Learning Outcomes through Paulinianism; Commission in Forming Global Citizens; Charism in terms of Internationalization of the Curriculum; Charity in Aiming for Global Impact; and Community in terms of Promotion of Sustainable Communities and the Environment.

Activities of the university are developmental and holistic in nature which are anchored on the Vision-Mission statements and the Core Values of app. These statements guide the university leaders, managers, implementers and/or front liners in managing the in-house or internal preparations of the university towards internationalization. These internal aspects or capabilities that app is enhancing include administrative structure, quality management system, intercultural competence, graduate attributes, internationalized curriculum and faculty and staff qualifications.

The external factors that would heighten the internal capability of the university include the presence of international partners, opportunities for international exposures of faculty and students, international accreditations, inbound international and foreign professors as well as presence of foreign students. All of these, when properly managed, would elevate the intercultural consciousness of the members of app as well as the community in general. Activities pertaining to these external factors such as selection and admission processes and execution of pursuits agreed upon are rooted on the Vision-Mission Statements and Core Values of the university.

Proper management of these internal capabilities and external factors within the confines, resources and talents of app would lead to an acclaimed international learning environment where the university’s alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, students and stakeholders make a difference globally.