Online Application for the Graduate School Comprehensive Examination

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 : The applicant checks the SIAS Student Portal for the completion of all academic requirements. If complete, proceed to STEP 2. If not, comply with the requirements first.

Step 2 : Download the Application for Comprehensive Examination Form
  1. Application for Comprehensive Examination Form | Download
  2. Comprehensive Exam Subjects for DOCTORAL | Download
  3. Comprehensive Exam Subjects for MASTERS | Download
Step 3 : Send duly accomplished form to

Step 4 : The Graduate School Staff verifies the submitted application form.

Step 5 : The Registrar’s Staff validates if the student completed all academic courses and entry requirements.
  • Original TOR copy for Refence/General Purposes
  • NSO PSA Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate for married students

Step 6 : After validation from the Registrar’s Office(RO), the RO Staff will notify the applicant to settle all accounts.

Step 7 : The applicant settles account to either one of the following app Bank Accounts:

  • Student must be cleared from all financial obligations.
  • Send scanned deposit slip with your COMPLETE NAME and COURSE to only.
Step 8 : After payment, the Graduate School Staff will notify the applicant through email of the approved application with assigned Examinee Number.